Anti aging facial freeze..the natural botox!

For anyone out there that’s scared of the needle…(and the harsh consequences of chemical injecting) here’s a super tip that can treat your skin and help refresh anti aging and skin smoothing! What’s to it? Not much, muslin cloth and VOILA!

Ice facials have long been around and sucessfully topped some of the best DIY facial lists around but, with all the advertising hype and celebrtiy crazes on botox and other surgical performed skin ammending techniques, we seem to have got distracted by what simple, natural ways we can create youthful skin..remember, what nature intended… It may be more time consuming to have to re-create daily routines as opposed to nipping out for a quick fix injection but..for those of us that can’t afford it and are quite simply terrified of going down that route, here are some tips on how you can perform your own skin surgery a la natural methods!..FYI: Jennifer Aniston is a proclaimed lover of self anti ageing techniques and was the inspiration for this post as she does daily ice baths and steams. See, who needs botox to look that great?

So, ICE is one of natures best revelations for skin…It constricts your pores, making your skin look smoother, it is the quickest way to rejuvenate your skin and give it the fresh, dewy look. It is the best way to naturally work on skin tone and definition and it is a great toner and soother for acne, inflammation or skin irritations.

The Swedish love their saunas and during their long snowy winters, it is a well loved practice to sit and sweat in the sauna to open all the bodies pores and eliminate all the unwanted toxins from the body. After however long sat in a super heated room, they go out and roll in the snow to then close the pores and awaken the circulation and freshen the skin. Crazy? Maybe, but as tried by my good self, I have to say it is one of the most exilirating things I have ever done. It is a wonderful feeling!

For your face, this practice need not be any different. If you are wanting to do this for skin rejuvenation and anti aging, a top tip is to get yourself a Clarisonic facial brush and for 5-10 mins in the morning or evening, whichever you prefer (Morning will awaken and tone throughout the day, evening will effectively help remove excess make up and dirt) but once you have done this for the reccomended time, you will have plumped up all your skins tissues and cells. This will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tone your skin to the max! Once you have done this, you can ‘steam’ your face. This will allow the skin to eliminate toxins and prep for the next stage. Simply boil the kettle and pour into a bowl and cover your head with a towel. You can at this point add some essential oils if you like. Lavender is great for soothing and relaxing, for breathing you could add eucyalyptus or you could do a mix of rose and neroli for a super girly blend your skin will love! Once you have finished steaming, pat your face to remove sweat and follow by cleansing your face well with whatever cleanser you use and then prepare a muslin cloth with a hand full of ice. Gently pat and smooth all over your face for a few minutes. The reason to use a cloth and not directly apply the ice to your face is that you can burn your skin and it can damage capillaries that cause red veins to appear on skin. After a couple of minutes ‘freezing’ your face allow your skin to come back to its natural temperature before applying any cream or toner. This will help the cream or oils to absorb better once the face becomes warmer.

Tone with a low alcohol toner and preferably one with essential oils such as rose or neroil and then apply whatever moisturiser or oils you wish to use. If you are doing this at night time, it is adviseable to use some good quality esssential oil blends as these really help to soothe the skin and aid in rejuvenation. Want tips on which ones work best? Try out DECLEOR. French natural skin lab that’s oils are just the best! If you’re doing this first thing, you want to be using a moisturiser with an SPF and applying it almost like a massage technique all over your face so that it really sinks in and plumps up your skin! This will brighten, soften and make you look a fresh as a daisy!

So, give it a go! After a few weeks of dry brushing, steaming and freezing you will really see the benefits! It’s a long winded process and some days you simply won’t have time but, you can’t get better than natures costs nothing and by actually performing it yourself, your own little ritual will really make you want to take care of  your skin as best you can!

TOP TIP: Jennifer Aniston also swears by rubbing vaseline under her eyes at night time. One up from that would be to use NOT petroleums natural vaseline. Same wonderful benefits, no artificial add’s or parabens..

Happy freezing everyone!

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