Mushroom ramen bowl

Originally posted on Eat it to beat it!:

Ah how my daughter and I LOVE this dish! It is completely simple to make and so satisfying it’s unreal!

As big lovers of veg and noodles, this is an absoloute fave and watching a 2 yr old try to master eating the noodles with chopsticks and broth with a big japanese soup spoon is adorable! Perfect lazy light dinner and FULL of vitamins that I feel have to mention just one little thing here…for anyone with a concern about oncolgy nutrition, primarily lung and breast cancer here…This simple little soup wears a crown for boasting some of the finest ingredients for cancer health (prevention and cure)

Sesame oil, parsley, spring vegetables and onions are SUPER foods for lung health while shitake mushrooms are known to promote a wide aray of overall cancer prevention through boosting immune systems so this meal tops the bill here…Such a great little dish..


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