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POP Pilates – the way forward with awesome pilates workouts thanks to Cassey Ho!

Well well well, it’s Saturday morning (which for me always resembles a morning of hard core sweating from cardio kickbox and kids swimming classes) and as I naughtily haven’t been to the gym all week (busy busy) I decided to do a pre-kickbox workout really early to get my ab’s and core prepped and my entire body stretched and supple…So last week I also found myself unable to get to all my classes so instead, I took up POP Pilates on the internet and found that actually, even if I wanted to get to the gym early in the week, I couldn’t actually walk so…that’s how good these classes are! I do pilates and yoga as a combo with cardio, strenght training and boxing so I’m pretty used to the moves and so on…but Cassey Ho, creator of Blogilates and POP pilates (and Ogorgeous yoga bags) really kicked my bum this week!

I’m desperately trying to get rid of tummy wibble and I’m good with my fitness programs but let’s be honest, unless you can treat work outs like a part time job, there’s always going to be a part of your body that isn’t Gwyneth Paltrowesque..especially as you head into your 30’s and have kids…(and an appetite like mine) but the 14 min video work outs to POP Pilates are just SO wonderful!

I team them with 20 mins of cardio first so, do your star jumps, skips, squats and heart warming bouncy bits 1st so you’re nicely warmed up and flexible and then 2 of the pilates workouts should be just the right balance to get a really GREAT workout..and Cassey designs her workouts specifically aimed to target your desired area. This morning I did Ab’s and shoulders so an all round great combo!

I reccomended her to a friend of mine that is getting married this Christmas and has just had her 2nd baby so for an at home workout program THIS IS THE BOMB! Forget all your dappy DVD’s that haven’t really done anything and give this a go as take it from someone who works up a sweat…this will like nothing else! Working you from your core and ever other teeny muscle in between, if you’re not used to doing pilates properly or regularly, this will make you cry after the 1st 5 minutes..but don’t be put off, it’s actually great fun! Cassey Ho teams her workouts with some inspiring fashion, diet tips and pumping music so you’ll really get into it…and that’s the wonderful part of it is that once you do, as killer as it is, you’ll be SO hooked! As it’s the best form of strenght training and muscle toning that doesn’t involve weights, gym memberships and the rest, GET HOOKED NOW!

Check her workouts on youtube by searching for POP pilates and check out her website www.blogilates.com

Seriously aweome chick Cassey Ho..Thanks so much for your inspiration and enthusiasm towards pilates workouts! Love them!

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