Glowface V leatherface..Guess who wins! 2012’s natural skin appeal x

Ok, I’m putting this post out there as a means to try and ‘convince’ and ‘presuade’ people that…SUNTANS AREN’T TOO COOL! I’m really stomach sick when I see people fake baking or spray tanning themselves into a colour that is so beyond a natural tan it really makes you question what people do consider to be a ‘SUNKISSED’ colour these days..I am blonde and fair through and through and after spending my 20’s living in sunny Spain, I am a certified sun dodger. I love the heat, love the ‘glow’ but could I bake all day to get the leather look?…NO WAY! I have a dual tone pigment patch on my forehead that through pregnancy seemed to double in size and intensity (melasma mask) though in the back of my mind, I know that this mark was sun induced from spending too much time unprotected under the rays. As I’m that fair, I have been instructed to only ever sit under sun with a factor 50 SPF which then makes you wonder why you’d sit and bake at all….and now with this sun burn I have forever tattooed on my forehead, there is even more reason for me to never want to sit and tan again. Each summer, even after a 20 minute relax under the sun, this patch on my head comes back in full force. So, after 2 years of sensible summer outdoorsing, I have come to gather that the sun ‘glow’ look is so much more beautiful and natural than the ‘harsh overbearing tropical leather look’ that everyone seems to strive to achieve.(Bizzare mad loonies..Such an ugly look I must say – Opinionated much?)

Anyone else out there with me? The love of the uber tan is now gone and bring back the natural sunglow look! So, for those of you that have over tanned and realise this was a are a few tips and tricks to ‘LIGHTEN UP’ and de-tan yourselves so that summer 2012 can be a natural, pretty glowy summer! Any of you fair faces out there..go grab yourselves some high factor SPF suncream, wear a hat or scarf, invest in some SPF sun glasses andwherever possible, avoid sitting out in sun during prime ray hours (ie: middle of the day)

Here is a great daily Organic sun block factor 50 for the face:



Lovea Organic Sunscreen SPF 50 Daily Face Cream – New Formula

So, natural face remedies for the Anti Tan..Here goes:

1. Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice & rose water and apply it on your face as a face pack. Wash it with cold water after 10-15 minutes. Not only would your skin lighten up, you would end up feeling fresher than before!

2. Honey and Lemon Juice: No don’t drink it! Or maybe, go ahead, just a lil bit :P Yum right? Okay, now getting on to business – apply the paste on the affected area. This is the easiest and the best anti tan face pack that you could ever get!

3. Raw Milk & Lemon Juice works wonders too. Take that mixture and dab some cotton on it and rub it on the dried parts. Rub it really gently. Or if the tan’s got into a sub burn, avoid rubbing and apply the mixture. Let it dry and wash the affected areas with cold water!

4. You know what’s cool? Making your own anti tan cream and today I am going to tell you how to do that. Mix equal parts of milk powder, lemon juice, honey, almond oil. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Once you make this cream, do not store it more for more than a week :)

5.  A little gram flour, lemon juice and curd on the affected areas give the most magical results! [Caution : Stay away from gram flour if you are allergic to it]

6. Take a potato, grind it well, mix it with lemon juice. Apply it for 20 minutes and wash it off and go feel your oh-so-soft skin ;)

Viva la piel natural..x


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4 thoughts on “Glowface V leatherface..Guess who wins! 2012’s natural skin appeal x

  1. My fav sunkissed subtle moisterizer/gradual tan is by Dove and it has SPF in it aswell, I too am fair and when I say fair i mean China doll fair – if i don’t wear a gradual tanner i look well ill! lol.
    And while I agree there are ALOT of bad fake tangerine tans out there I think the shops should ONLY sell tans in light to medium, there should be a national work shop- on how to tan properly with out streaks.:D The reason I say this is because so many people can’t bare not to be ‘golden’ (not orange). Fake tans with an SPF have got to be better than sun beds and laying in the sun. x

    • haha well that’s a good point about only selling light to medium..or if you use 30 applications all at once will that give you the suber leather look anyway cos there’ll be someone out there willing to put the whole tub on to look scary? x

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