Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

Baby Led – Did cave men have blenders?

    With my first child, I went through this manic faze of blending an industrial amount of foods and storing them in the freezer. It was the most fun … Continue reading

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What’s for breakfast? Yummy protein and oat shakes that are so full of goodness that’s what!

  I have previously posted about what on earth to do with oats in summer time. It doesn’t seem right eating a hot steaming bowl of porridge when it is … Continue reading

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Coconut oil toothpaste – Could it be? Yes it could!!!

  As you may know, I am a bonafide lover of raw coconut oil. If you follow me on instagram, you may see my many posts containing a multitude of … Continue reading

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Did you know….A start to the week boost of healthy information that will ‘hopefully’ better your life for knowing!

  Everybody (well most people) hate Mondays. Yesterday, (Yes, today is Tuesday…I know!) I watched my hubs leave the house pained that the weekend was over and the next was … Continue reading

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A daily promise to yourself

Once upon a time, an ex boyfriend of mine tried to teach me the brilliant art of ‘list writing’. At the time, I was a free flying 20 something with … Continue reading

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Wheat free month starts now – But what to eat? Check out these awesome and healthy recipes

  At the end of this month, my family and I are heading back to Spain for a well earned week exploring our old hood and enjoying some time splashing … Continue reading

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Crazy good oatmeal – Hot AND cold varieties to suit everyone!

  Summer is ‘almost’ upon us and this creates a small problem in our home….Breakfast solutions! We love our oatmeal and a swift creamy, wintry porridge bowl is the quintessential … Continue reading

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