Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

A collection of Autumn – The reasons why we love this season!

Every time a new season approaches, I always believe that season is my favorite….though honestly, I think I can only really feel like that about Autumn. It’s so soulful and … Continue reading

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Autumn = PUMPKINS! We heart pumpkins! – recipes etc

Well, I nearly fell over when I ┬árealized today is the day my daughter is at school for longer that usual so overwhelmed with happiness I have an extra few … Continue reading

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Language classes on Skype – Learn Spanish or English from your home!

    Hi all! So, I thought I would feature this on my blog as it would be a bit silly not to really, so since I’m on maternity and … Continue reading

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Autumn reads – Cozy up and settle into a must have book!

Hi all!! It’s the start of a rainy week! I’m not sure how I feel about that! I am lucky at the moment because I’m on maternity and until next … Continue reading

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The Congruency Secret : The Wellness Warrior

This is a great piece…To follow, please keep an eye out on the http://www.kathrynasher.com website for a lots of great reads and quotes on positive ife construction and how to … Continue reading

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The great outdoors! It’s SO good for you..

Wherever you may be reading this, chances are you’re having a better summer than those of us tucked up in rainy England..but rain or shine, my family love their outdoor … Continue reading

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Anti aging facial freeze..the natural botox!

For anyone out there that’s scared of the needle…(and the harsh consequences of chemical injecting) here’s a super tip that can treat your skin and help refresh anti aging and … Continue reading

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