Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

A daily promise to yourself

Once upon a time, an ex boyfriend of mine tried to teach me the brilliant art of ‘list writing’. At the time, I was a free flying 20 something with … Continue reading

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Wheat free month starts now – But what to eat? Check out these awesome and healthy recipes

  At the end of this month, my family and I are heading back to Spain for a well earned week exploring our old hood and enjoying some time splashing … Continue reading

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Crazy good oatmeal – Hot AND cold varieties to suit everyone!

  Summer is ‘almost’ upon us and this creates a small problem in our home….Breakfast solutions! We love our oatmeal and a swift creamy, wintry porridge bowl is the quintessential … Continue reading

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30 day ab challenge – Join in on the facebook ab frenzy or stay wibbly!

  So as you know, I have two children and one of them is very new and given that I’m in my mid-30′s, I of course struggle to lose the … Continue reading

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Freezer meals – freeze the fresh, slim down + save money!

Everyone knows how much I love to cook..(And eat!) and my weekly shop is one of the most exciting moments of my week. (Yes I am that sad!) but I … Continue reading

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Cocido Madrileno – A bone marrow stew that will sort out any boohoo!

  When I lived in Spain, It was understood that the weather allowed for an array of exciting fresh summer recipes and ingredients and most people would be shocked to … Continue reading

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  Wedding season is upon us and I have been trying my hardest to come up with some meaningful little snippets to write in cards and wedding books so that … Continue reading

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